Taco Tuesday

My days are starting to slow as I bring to close any outstanding items I had on my plate. I had another transition session with my co-workers today. I can tell they are starting to feel overwhelmed/concerned with all the things I did. I only wish someone would have given me the hand off they are getting when other people left and I assumed more job functions. I am just relieved it will no longer be my problem.

Yesterday for dinner I attempted to BBQ some steaks and I think they were a little on the over done side for Matts taste. I was too busy trying to multitask and keep the boy out of trouble and I should have taken them off the grill sooner. I think I am going to try and convince the family that we need tacos tonight 🙂

Lately its been tough sleeping.  Every night about 2-3am G comes wandering in our room to climb into bed. I try and stay awake while he falls back to sleep so I can carry him back into bed, but that doesn’t always work out. Sometimes about an hour or so later I will get so annoyed with him sleeping in the middle I wake up and get him back to his bed. The other challenge is we have been trying to get him out of a pull up at night and that isn’t going too successfully. We try and stop liquids by 7 and then go potty before bed and he still wakes up wet. So that is another reason i am getting shitty sleep. Getting the boy to bed has also become a chore as well. He will lay down and go to sleep on his own however from the time we put him down to the next 45 minutes he is constantly getting up. And trust me no amount of yelling or spanking phases that kid he is still up 5 minutes later. Calgon take me away….

Hope you all have a great day. I ♥ you D! oxox

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