Five Question Friday

1. Would you grow your hair out to donate it?

Considering my hair is currently well past my ass I have no problem growing my hair out, its the cutting it part I struggle with. I have had long hair almost all my life. I do tend to get bored with it and try to play with color and not scissors. I made the mistake of getting a pixie cut one time and boy was that a mistake. I think I have been growing my hair out ever since.

2. Are you a flip flops or sandals kind of person?

Flip Flops all the way 24/7 if I could

3. Do you do something special for the father of your children?

I generally leave it up to him as to what he would like to do. If I am planning ahead I try and make him something crafty or think of something creative with pictures.

4. If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who and why?

DUH Nikki Sixx!!!!

5. It’s a hot summer day. Do you prefer to be pool side or at the beach?

The beach all the way. I love to take a bike ride down the board walk and then stop have a seat in the sand and watch the kids play.

Hope you all have a great day. I ♥ you Matt! oxox

Check out the lil ladies man…..



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