Weekend Wrap Up

Wear oh wear to begin…..

I had been frustrated with the length of my hair all week. The never ending knots, countless hours spent brushing it out, sitting on it and now hanging in the toilet. Yeah pretty disgusting! I decided it was finally time to cut it. I got on the phone and was able to get me a 2:00 appointment at Hypnotic. After 3 hours of cutting and coloring my hair, it is black again with a red streak and 15 inches shorter. It is a bit shorter than I would have liked but the fact that I donated it to Locks of Love makes it all worth it. After my hair adventure we had dinner at Lucille’s, it actually was pretty disappointing. T was at Holiday till 11pm.

Saturday morning we were up and preparing stuff to go out to the lake house. By the time we arrived the party was in full swing. We all quickly changed into our suits and went swimming. It wasn’t long before you could see the thunder clouds roll in. The wind kicked up, the thunder became louder and the rain started to come down. It wasn’t bad because it was still hot outside and the storm quickly passed. At about 4pm Missy came and picked up the kids and Matt and I were able to unwind a little bit. As the sun set and the party thinned it out we all sat down in attempt to get a little game of poker going. That didn’t work out too well because there were too many newbie’s. By 11 Matt was pretty tired so off to bed we went.

Sunday we were up and out to breakfast with Devin and Tadd before heading back home. We ate at this little London Café called Annie’s. The food was great and they even dance for you. Finally home with my babies and it was pretty chill the remainder of the day. Matt BBQ’d some steaks, sausage and fish for dinner. We watched True Blood and the Roast of Rosanne before turning in to bed.

It was a fantastic weekend! Thank you Tadd and Devin for having us and Missy for watching my babies.

Hope you all have a great day. I ♥ you all! oxox

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