I miss vacation, I miss naps and I miss being able to wear flip flops every day! Now we count down to our next vacation, a week on a house boat at Lake Mead. This trip we do every year and it’s so nice to be in the middle of nowhere just chilling. T started volleyball camp yesterday and that will keep her busy for the month. She was supposed to start work this week as well, but her boss has been out. T wasn’t even back a day and from vacation and she has been inseparable from D. I am pretty sure I am gaining a daughter for the summer, fine by me we love her like our own. Yesterday was tough being back to work, by 11 I was so ready for a nap. After work lil man and I chilled in the house and tried to stay cool. I caught up on a few of my shoes that were recorded, but I still have yet to watch Dexter. Sadly I am kind of disappointed in True Blood, yeah I am going to say it there isn’t enough violence and sex. I am not feeling all the fairy BS, I am kind of over the poor Sookie crap. The show just isn’t the same anymore, but I know I will keep watching.

Yesterday in my post I meant to Thank Shanna for taking care of my dog for the week. I know you have your own shit going on, so you taking time out of your day to feed my mutt means a lot Thank you love! Also a big Thanks to my parents for getting up butt early to get us to LAX and then picking us up. We are truly blessed to have such great family and friends in our life!

G is now of age to go on field trips at school and yesterday was his first,  they walking up to the local park. Today he gets to go on a school bus for the first time, they are going to Pump It Up. I am so grateful for all the teachers and staff at his school who take such good care of him.

Hope you all have a great day. I ♥ you! oxox

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